About of Shingo Mamiya

Shingo profile photo-2.jpgGrowing up in Japan, I was deeply influenced by my father and spent a lot of time in his garage, repairing motorcycles and mimicking his craftsmanship. My father is a typical traditional Japanese man, quiet and stern, so I learned his techniques through seeing what he was doing. Our time in the garage became precious moments to improve my craftsman skills in a calm space. There was no talking between us, so the sound of drilling, hammering, and air compressors remind me of my childhood.

In my first degree, Mechanical Engineering, I learned functional mechanism in products; however, I was always thinking about how to create emotional connection between users and products. Therefore, I continued my education and crafted my design philosophy: Form follows function. Crafting sophisticated details that are emotional and simple are part of my aesthetics.

As a designer, my eyes still move towards the high level of craftsmanship, but I aspire to be an innovative craftsman with the skills of a designer to meet the needs of the future.

I am Shingo, an innovative craftsman.